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18 x 21 x 8 vertical roof style

Delivered and installed on your level lot

Prices vary by state and location

12 x 26 x 12 regular style roof

2- 3' panels on each side

Delivered and Installed on your level lot.


A metal RV carport is easy to set up and protects your vehicle from damage caused by harsh weather conditions. Many of our RV carports for sale have a roof with one or two walls; the differences in design depend on the specific model. But no matter how you customize yours, our RV storage buildings can offer something unique to your property.

When you order one of our metal RV covers, you get a choice of three roof styles: regular, boxed eave, and vertical. There is an advantage to choosing a vertical roof for your RV: Metal carports with this type of roof don’t experience snow buildup. Because of the roof’s vertical sheeting, the snow slides off the side before it can accumulate. The regular and boxed-eave styles have sheeting that runs horizontally across the length of the building.

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